We help our clients reachtheir highest level of function.

All of our therapists are trained to use a combination of manual and movement therapies to help our clients reach their highest level of function.

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Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Techniques

Also known as MNRI®

A reflex is an automatic motor response to a specific sensory input. 

We are all born with the same potential for movement, via genetically encoded primitive reflexes.  As infants, these reflexes serve for protection and survival, and teach our bodies how to move.  Most reflexes are fully integrated by the end of the first year, allowing us to use mature and controlled movement patterns.  For various reasons, sometimes the reflexes do not integrate on their own, or integrate with some level of dysfunction.  These retained primitive reflexes are now being observed in children with Autism, ADHD, and other childhood disorders.  MNRI is a hands on technique that helps to integrate these retained primitive reflexes. As a result, improvements are seen in many areas of development, such as: motor coordination, emotional regulation, sensory processing abilities, attention, impulse control, social-emotional functioning, etc.

While these techniques are beneficial during childhood, adults can benefit as well.  Since reflexes are primarily designed to protect our bodies, as adults, we may use them unconsciously in times of physical or emotional stress.  Sometimes, the reflexes will not re-integrate on their own after stress or injury, and can impact our movement patterns, posture, and coping abilities; keeping our bodies in a trauma state (fight or flight).  Using reflex integration post injury or stress can help regulate the body’s autonomic nervous system, bringing the body out of fight or flight, and into parasympathetic relaxation.  MNRI® therapy includes both active movement re-patterning, and myofascial-type manual techniques

Nicole has taken the following reflex integration courses: Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration, Tactile Integration, Visual and Auditory Reflex Integration, Archetype Movement Patterns, Neurostructural Integration, Reflex Integration for PTSD, Breathing Reflex Integration, Repatterning Advanced Practical Course, Archetype Advanced Practical Course, Neurostructural Advanced Practical Course.

More About the MNRI® Technique

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy


The Craniosacral system is responsible for the flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body.  Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) provides the brain and spinal cord with shock absorption, toxin elimination, immune function, as well as, helping to maintain homeostasis throughout the body.  CFT is a gentle, yet extremely effective, method of releasing tension within the peripheral fascial system, ultimately improving all systems within the body.  CFT is especially helpful for TMJ, as well as, tongue and lip ties in infants pre or post-correction.

Nicole has completed the Child and Adult Seminar for CFT.

CFT is offered by Nicole under Elite Performance Concepts LLC. Please contact her directly to schedule this service:Call/text (774) 721-6252 or Email Info@epcchs.com

Myofascial Therapy / Neurostructural Therapy

Myofascial therapy is a safe and effective hands on technique that uses firm and sustained pressure to the connective tissue to relieve tension and pain, improving range of motion and function.  There is a lot of new and exciting research on the exact role of the fascia system within the body.  Most notable it’s housing of stem cells, and role as a sensory organ.  See our “Learn” tab to learn more about the role of the fascia system within the body.

Anyone can benefit from myofascial therapy, children and adults.  Children with neurological and orthopedic disorders can find improvement in posture and muscle tone.  Adults can find relief from aches and pains, healing from injury, improved posture, and decreased stress/anxiety.

Developmental Therapy

In addition to using specialized hands-on techniques, our therapists also use traditional occupational therapy techniques to help your child achieve their goals.  This includes interventions for sensory processing, handwriting, feeding, fine motor coordination, emotional regulation, executive functioning, etc.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Also known as low pressure hyperbaric therapy

Mild HBOT, also known as low pressure hyperbaric therapy is used for the treatment of sports injuries, cerebral palsy, brain and head injuries, dermatological conditions, autism, stroke, and more. This therapy is not covered by insurance. Please contact us for pricing.